Pos   Team Pts
1 Syracuse Dortmund NY 1017
2 Cardinals VA 747
3 DC United 524
4 Providence Greenfield MA 408
5 F.C. Harrisburg PA 377
6 Grace Erie PA 293
7 Queen City F.C. 245
8 F.C. Rochester NY 125
9 Energy ME 106
10 Manchester United NH 56

Ranking Explanation

Church Cup Rankings are calculated based on a team performances in the last three years.  If a team participated less than three times in the last three years, ranking is calculated based on the years participated within this time span.  The points are calculated for each match played based on the formula:

Points = Result (3 for win, 1 for tie, 0 for loss) x Match Importance (2.5 group match, 3.5 semi, 3 third place, and 4 final) x Opponent’s Strength (ranging from 2 to 1 based on latest rankings available) x Multiplier (100, to make it nice big numbers kind of like frequent flyer miles)

Points for all matches played in a single tournament are averaged to obtain the points figure earned by a team in that tournament.

If a team participated only once in the last three years, that would be their total in the table above.

If a team played two times in last three year, their total is determined by a sum of 60% of points from the closest year and 40% from the earlier year.

If a team played in all last three tournaments, their total is based on a sum of 50% of points from the latest year, 30% from two years ago, and 20% from three years ago.

Given that not all teams are able to participate every year, this approach seems to be optimal for this event.

These rankings will be used in deciding the groups on the day of the tournament with top 4 teams being the seeded teams.  1st and 4th teams will automatically be in Group A, while 2nd and 3rd teams will be assigned to Group B.

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