About Participation

  • The cost of participation will depend on the date of registration. Collected money goes towards covering food, water, and other expenses directly related to the event.

Tournament Format

  • Church Cup rankings will be introduced to rank participating teams based on their performances in the tournament in the last three years.  If a team participated in less than 3 times in the last 3 years, the rankings will be calculated based on years participated.  If a team has not participated in the last 3 years at all, no ranking will be given.  Team’s ranking will be calculated based on the results achieved on the field, similarly to the FIFA World Rankings but with some modifications.  View the Church Cup Rankings here.
  • Tournament format will be similar to what it has been in previous years consisting of a group stage and a knock-out stage.  After a few games in a group, top teams advance to the knock-out round while bottom teams of each group play each other to determine their positions in the overall standings.  Exactly how many groups or how many games will be played will be determined closer to the tournament once we know exactly how many teams will participate.
  • In case of an equal number of points between two or more teams in the group stage, a tie will be decided based on the following tiebrakers: (1) head-to-head points between the teams in question; (2) head-to-head goal difference between the teams in question; (3) goal difference in all group games; (4) goals scored in all group games; (5) if two teams are still level, they will have the best-of-three penalty shootout; (6) Church Cup team coefficient ranking; (6) flipping of a coin by the chief referee.
  • Each team must have 8 players and 1 goalkeeper on the field (this number, however, is also a subject to change depending on the size of the field where the tournament will take place).
  • Player substitutions are unlimited.

Game Rules

  • With the few exceptions summarized below, the game rules are identical to FIFA World Cup®.
  • Off sides: No off sides unless the player in the off sides position clearly has an unfair advantage. The referee’s decision will be final (e.g., player hanging in opponents goal area).
  • Players will be penalized immediately with a red card for swears or obscene language or behavior!  The team whose player receives a red card will finish the game playing shorthanded. Penalized player will also miss the following match, but for that game a team will be able allowed to make a substitution.  If the same player receives a second red card for any of the reasons above or if he possess a threat to other players and/or fans, at the discretion of a referee, the player will be disqualified to play for the rest of the tournament.


  • The winner of the tournament will be awarded with the Church Cup trophy which they get to keep until the next tournament.
  • Each participated team will be awarded with a plaque indicating the position they earned in the standings.

Players Equipment

  • Wearing of shin guards is highly recommended.
  • The referee will determine if other equipment or accessories are acceptable.
  • The referee’s decision will be final.


  • All teammates must wear jerseys (shirts) of identical color.
  • Clearly visible numbers are required to be on all jerseys and shall be different for all players of the same team.
  • Socks should be of the same color for teammates and pulled up over the shins.
  • Goalies must wear a unique jersey to identify themselves as the goalie.  It should not match the color of the opposing team’s jersey or his own team.

About Teams

  • Please be ready to include Russian-speaking non-Christian players on your team if there is such need.
  • The number of non-Russian speaking players on the team shall be limited to one player.

About the Evening Program

  • At the conclusion of the games we invite everyone to a dinner with аn award ceremony and a triumphant handing over of the trophy to the winning team!
  • It is expected that every team (not only players, but fans as well) will take part in the evening program by sharing a testimony, singing a song, showing a skit, etc. Please let us know how you will contribute to the evening program in the registration form.

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